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Prints on Metal!

The very latest in high definition print technology, the Alumini Print is a robust and attractive product with an ultra modern look.

  • Available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Vibrant colours and brilliant luminescence.
  • 4 surface options.
  • Ultra hard, scuff resistant and waterproof surface.

The colours are vibrant and have a depth that displays your images on a luminous, scuff resistant and waterproof metal surface.

The Alumini Print comes with 4 print surface options;
high gloss, high gloss brushed
satin, satin brushed.

The high gloss and satin options offer exceptional image clarity and colour reproduction due to the image being infused into a special coating on the aluminium sheet. Both brushed options offer exceptional image clarity and colour reproduction with a lightly brushed texture behind it. There are many size options to choose from and the finished product stands 12mm off the wall surface due to our unique hanging system.

Please note: Due to the manufacturing process of the aluminium sheets, the Alumini Print can sometimes have slight imperfections on the print surface such as small craters or bumps. It is for this reason we cannot guarantee a completely flawless surface and therefore we meticulously inspect each aluminium sheet making sure to place any slight imperfections in the most unobtrusive part of any image.
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