Neil Hanson Photography | A British Seaside Holiday Camp

Whilst camping in the Isle of Wight.......
I stumbled across this abandoned Butlins Holiday Camp.

I wandered around this rotting and vandalised site, earily spooky as hoards of crows have now taken residence. The sound's of "Hi de Hi" rang out in my ears (a spoof 80's comedy about Holiday Camps)........

Some Info:
Billy Butlin is generally regarded as the man who created the British Holiday Camp.

What distinguished Butlin from his competition was the size of the camp and the range of entertainments available. Accommodation typically consisted of chalets, rather like small flats/apartments. Holidaymakers would pay a fee for their accommodation and decide whether to go full board, half board or self catering. Included in the price would be entertainments provided on site, run by the Famous "Redcoats" entertainment team. These typically would include - Ballroom Dancing, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Games Room etc.. There were usually extensive childcare facilities and various clubs to keep youngsters occupied.

By the mid 1970s the market began to decline as people began to holiday abroad. In the 1980's many camps were shut down, they were seen to represent family poverty, lack of imagination and low social standing.

Modern day holiday camps are a lot different of course and rising again in popularity.