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FOLIO Album Range:

... UK handmade Real Leather Albums ...

Folio Albums give a quality matte finish with a vibrancy & clarity that traditional photographic prints & albums can’t match. Hand bound and encased in fine, natural leather, they open out flat with an almost invisible crease, so each image is on full view. We work hard to create beautiful albums which is why each album is handmade and quality checked throughout the process.

Folio albums are designed to be enjoyed, not just now but by future generations too. Fine art, archival quality papers & inks as used in the production of the albums that will last a lifetime and beyond. The glue used to make your album is acid free, nontoxic and will not yellow over time.

Album manufacture takes place in the UK, using as many local suppliers as we can to cut down the jet fuel used to bring it to you. The pigment based printing process uses less toxic chemicals than traditional photographic prints & there is less waste.

The latest archival quality pigment-based inks & matte paper take colour reproduction to another level that can’t be reached by traditional photographic printing. You’ll get high resolution with a pure clarity that lasts, even along the crease.

The paper is recycled or bought from sustainable sources wherever possible with environmentally friendly packaging that protects your albums while keeping waste to a minimum. Your album will be wrapped in a sleeve made from natural, unbleached cotton and then carefully placed in a sleek keepsake box made from recycled materials.
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